Stunning Transformation #128

A short project, with only four slides. With these slides, the quote was the key component, and no rearrangement was required.

The original 4 slides:


For consistency, an image was found for slide#3. There is no longer a mix of media types for images. Also for consistency, the images and text were located in the same place on every slide – even though they were not identical in proportions, the height is the same on every slide. This reduces the movement of the slide elements between slide changes, which ensure the experience is smooth for the audience. The blue border was removed as unnecessary and the presentation title removed from every slide. By the time these slides are shown, the audience knows where they are.

The resulting 4 slides:


Ultimately, a small effort, and a huge leap towards stunning slides.   Additional thoughts for next steps.

  1. The quotes can be moved to the top of the slide. This would allow every audience to see them – in the case where the bottom of the screen is hidden behind the heads of the audience in front.
  2. Images can be full screen, with the text in a box with some transparency. This would remove the shadow border around the image and emphasizes that the image is an important component of the experience.
  3. The slide background could be black, with the text white.
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