More death by PowerPoint distraction!

One of the major concerns about PowerPoint is the distraction to the audience when animations and transitions are used.

In the latest Update to the OS X version of PowerPoint, we are offered the amazing new feature that will allow us to: “Make your slides more dynamic by adding an animated background image.”
What's New in PowerPoint

Ouch! MORE dynamic?

While this will add more confusion for the audience, ultimately this distraction will cause more grief for PowerPoint slide deck creators. With the myriad of options available, I have discovered that the simpler the slide deck, the better for you – the speaker, and the better experience for the audience.

Just because you can, does not always mean you should!

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1 thought on “More death by PowerPoint distraction!”

  1. I agree with you completely. A clean simple look for slides with no animation makes it easy for the audience to consume and easier for the speaker to keep the audience’s attention.

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