Transitions and Animations online? No!

Presentations over the web are commonplace. Yet, there are still issues with internet bandwidth. Not all presenters are in a location where optimal internet speeds are available. Audience members may also be in locations where the internet connection is poor.

The caution, therefore, is to reduce the amount of bandwidth you will use for your online presentation.

While low speed internet may cause audio and video interruptions, these are quite easily handled. Including one of your insiders as an audience member can be helpful with a background chat window open. They can inform you of interruptions, and advise you where you should repeat or revisit certain points.

However, there is simply no way to predict what will happen with a moving effect. Using a transition effect between slides may not work as you intended. It may be jerky, interrupted, slow, or even not display at all. And, it will require your presentation to be sending out every step in the transition over the internet, causing a load of bandwidth to be consumed.

This also applies to animation effects, animated images, and anything else you wish to move around the screen. Bandwidth requirements are high, and the end result may be completely different from your intended effect.

The simplest answer is never to use transitions and animations when presenting online.

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